About Cultured

We are a small but exquisite gallery of jewelry art. We find luxury in precision; we prize engineering genius above the diamonds; we treat every second of our production process as if we were designing a high-end car.
Our creations are brought to perfection — for your pleasure.
The architecture of jewelry: a contemporary jewelry art using synthetic gems and base metals. This is a collaboration with the RG Crystals company, which owns the biggest collection of man-made gemstones. Working together with technical engineers, artists create unique and the most bold jewelry designs.

Ethnic motifs in the jewelry art: a jewelry collection based on the Tradart museum artifacts. These timeless motifs can be interpreted in many different ways, and the collection will be appreciated by the most exquisite art lovers. We publish some of our projects that illustrate our line of work and aesthetic vision.
Evgenia Mironova
Director and founder of the gallery

For any questions and to order, please contact us by e-mail.
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